What if hundreds of robots and drones worked together to optimize your farm?
What if excavators and backhoes learned from the best operators and taught you new tricks?
What if thousands of drones and robots collaborated to reveal denied and concealed information?

These and other visions for a better tomorrow drive our research at the Distributed Autonomous Systems (DAS) Laboratory. We pursue research at the intersection of decision and control theory, machine learning, and robotics. Our goal is to enable the next generation of autonomous systems that operate reliably in stochastic time-varying and distributed settings. We are a highly motivated and dedicated group of interdisciplinary researchers focused on challenging the state of the art.

We are an interdisciplinary lab affiliated with multiple departments across the UIUC campus: Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Coordinated Science Lab, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Science, the Beckman Institute, and the Institute for Genomic Biology .

Director: Asst. Prof. Dr. Girish Chowdhary